Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 2014 (first half)

Breadloaf Westport Chairs from Jardinique

Ian and Sandy delivered (from Ontario) and assembled their chairs for us! Great people, great chairs.


An  old bearded iris cultivar from David's parents' garden near Millbrook. David grew it for years on his Philadelphia roof deck. We don't have a name for the iris, but are happy to have it again, sent from Tom Gartside in Philadelphia.

Up the new garden steps. An innocently creeping little hawkweed, Hieracium tarda, with Hypoxis hirstuta, Euphorbia seguieriana var. niciciana, and Iris pallida dalmatica.

Two Benches. View from outside the screened porch, across the big island bed, up to the new stone bench at the edge of the woods. Roses (R. 'Doorenbos Selection' and Sweet Rocket in the island bed.

A self-sowing double-flowered perennial poppy of impeccable provenance (seed from Graham Stuart Thomas by way of Charles Cresson), but uncertain nomenclature. GST called it Papaver atlanticum 'Flore Pleno'. Few of us would argue.

Iris 'Over the River', backed by Spiraaea 'Golden Elf'

Shady nook by the front steps, with Foamflower, Tiarella cordifolia 'Running Tapestry'; Sweet Rocket and Euphorbia polychroma.

Under the fenced garden bench, Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears', Thalictrum kiusianum, Viola odorata alba and Sedum reflexum

A sea of partly self-sown Allium christophii in the fenced garden, with purple foliage from foliage from Penstemon 'Dark Towers' (and Heuchera villosa atropurpurea) and foreground blue from Nepeta 'Purssian Blue'

Iris laevigata 'Variegata' in the pool, Sweet Rocket behind the wall

Clematis 'Chinook', a non-clinging clematis in an upside down tomato cage for support. The clematis was planted last fall; in a year or two it should fill the cage and spill out. Geum 'Totally Tangerine' and red Shirley Poppies behind.

Iris 'Mr. Peacock, Paeonia 'Alabaster Pearl', Rosa Corylus, R. 'Louis Riel', Phudd Hill behind.

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